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Novatus ensures compliance with global regulatory transaction reporting obligations. We validate against the three core requirements that regulators expect of all market participants: Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness.


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Our Platform

Experience led, technology-enabled

Fully cloud-hosted Novatus En:ACT RegTech platform

Novatus En:ACT is the only platform that provides compliance in a box. Ensuring you meet all your most complex transaction reporting requirements.


Assured data accuracy

Comprehensive tests performed on the files submitted and accepted by the end point (Trade Repository, ARM or Regulator).

Novatus independently validates the accuracy of your transaction reporting by performing hundreds of tests across all submission fields, covering all global regimes. This ensures that each transaction reported meets the latest regulatory standards and market best practices.


Reconcile the right way

Failure to implement end to end reconciliations is a breach of regulatory obligations and will result in extensive and costly remediation and back reporting programmes.

Ensuring the correct population of trades is reported to the regulator can be highly complex. Novatus implements independent “end to end” reconciliations between your source systems and the ultimate regulatory reporting destination to prevent mis-reporting, over-reporting and under- reporting.


Global regulators mandate that transaction reports are submitted in a timely fashion. This can be challenging when volumes are high or when changes are underway. Novatus performs independent testing against your submissions to ensure timeliness standards are met.

Novatus En:ACT for

Identify reporting errors and minimise false positives

Comprehensive, real time, MI and reports available ‘out of the box’ to expedite issue tracking and remediation

Minimal effort required from Operations teams and results typically available within one week


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