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It has never been more difficult for financial firms to achieve FCA authorisation.

In 2021, 7% of authorisations were rejected. By 2022 rejection rate stood at 20% - a very high fail rate. Experts on authorisations processes, we have a 100% success rate working with banks, asset managers and crypto asset firms to achieve regulatory authorisation.

We pride ourselves on client delivery. Our tried and tested application process sets us apart from our competitors.


We ensure you take all steps possible to obtain rapid authorisation. We have significantly shorter authorisation times than the industry average.

rapid approval

We have a 100% application success rate across asset managment, banking and cryptoasset firms.

Success rate

Our team of 40+ risk & compliance experts ensure that you always have on-hand support to guide you through the process of authorisation.

on-hand support

We will consult with you throughout the process to ensure operating model for your business.


AIFM and MiFID Specialists

Industry specialism

Our team of ex CROs, CCOs, and front office risk professionals have practical experience when advising you on your business model, permissions, and governing structure - to even harder to achieve success, with only 13% of applications approved since 2020.

Shell forms and templates mean considerable work for you and high chance of failure – Novatus will not give you that.

Dedicated MLR focus

Cryptoasset Authorisation Success

For those wishing to gain Cryptoasset authorisation it's maximise your chances of successful authorisation.

Our team focus specifically on helping firms in this area, and have deep expertise in the money-laundering and counter terrorism regulations.

Our Proven Five-Step Approach

Our technology solutions are built to streamline and support

Step 1 - Authorisation Assurance

Determine Optimal Authorisation Type and Operating Model

Ensure firms have absolute confidence they are seeking the correct authorisations.

Step 2 - Regulatory Blueprint

Develop Regulatory Business Plan, ICARA, and Supporting Policies

Develop comprehensive, tailored documents that meet regulatory expectations with minimal input from the client.

Step 3 - Document Accuracy

Complete All Required Documentation and Submit Application

Ensure all application forms are completed and correctly submitted.

Step 4 - Operational Excellence

Business Setup, Including Supporting OMS Selection and Implementation

Our team of experts support all operational aspects to ensure your business is ready for ‘go live’ and set for long-term success.

Step 5 - Compliance Solutions

Once Authorisation Is Achieved, Provide Compliance and Risk Support

Offer managed Risk, Compliance and ESG services that provide the breadth and depth of expertise required to meet your obligations.

Step 1 - Authorisation Assurance
Step 2 - Regulatory Blueprint
Step 3 - Document Accuracy
Step 4 - Operational Excellence
Step 5 - Compliance Solutions

Recent Examples of Work

MiFID and AIFM authorisation. We provided an end-to-end service, building out the operating model to gain both MiFID and AIFM licences, populating all documentation, policy development and leading the FCA Q&A phase.

We worked with the CEO and CIO to develop regulatory business plans, relevant policies, and determine their regulatory capital calculation, and guided them through the MLR approvals.

MiFID authorisation. Our team reviewed and updated authorisation documentation as required, developed the SMCR roles and responsibilities map and led the FCA Q&A.

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